"...proving that this is very Christ." _ Acts 9:22
"...proving that this is very Christ." _ Acts 9:22


      From Genesis 22:1-19 we note that the young men were allowed to go on a journey with Abraham but could only go so far.  At one point, they were told by Abraham to abide by the ass while he and Isaac would go yonder to worship.  God commanded Abraham to offer Isaac whom God called Abraham’s only son.  What was about to take place at Mount Moriah was a spiritual type of the offering of Jesus or God’s only Begotten Son.  Abraham was about to carry out the ultimate selfless task of not withholding his only son from God.  In other words, the ultimate act of worship or worship in spirit and in truth was about to take place. The young men represent a spiritual level where such Divine discipline is still being inwrought in their hearts by the Power of God.  They would not have been able to apprehend the true essence of this type of worship even though it would have happened right in front of their eyes.  This type of worship cannot be copied.  This type of worship is an expression of Who is inside the individual offering it up.

      After God provided Himself a ram just as Emmanuel (God with us) provided Himself a Sacrifice for our sin, Abraham returned to the young men in possession of God’s blessing and Isaac, his son.  God’s blessing goes so much farther than personal temporary goodies.  God’s blessing is eternal and is designed to impact the nations of the earth.  Young men become stretched to “think outside the box” of self until self, like Abraham, is gone and all that matters is Father’s Plan and Purpose in Christ Jesus His Son.


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