"...proving that this is very Christ." _ Acts 9:22
"...proving that this is very Christ." _ Acts 9:22

Enter Into His Rest

      Shortly after the beginning of the new millennium, I had the wonderful privilege of being in a holy gathering for a series of meetings.  Among us were holy men and women who have been walking with God and ministering unto His people for many years.  One of the weathered warriors who had ministered for several decades imparted a prophetic word to me which I knew beyond a shadow of doubt was from the Lord.  He said, “God has raised you up to live in His sight.  Follow on to know Him."  Only the inner man can fathom life from God’s perspective while fully seeking Him to a point of total intimacy.  The spiritual exchange reverberated throughout my being, and I left those meetings changed and with a renewed sense of destiny.

      Later, I got a surprise phone call from this wonderful messenger of God, and we reflected on the awesome power of God in those meetings.  He went on to share how he had just come out of more meetings where he had never seen the power of God in such a manner in all his years in the ministry.  Savoring every word of our holy conversation, one statement emerged most revelatory and powerful.  He stated the he no longer felt the need to preach like he had been doing in the past.  Why should such a statement hold such profound truth to a son?  We have entered into the rest of God.  

      The Body of Christ everywhere is sensing this powerful truth.  People of God are beginning to realize that if we are to ever see His glory manifested in us, we must come to a complete end of ourselves so that Christ alone ministers.  April I impose upon you to think about what it shall be like when all of us are fully yielded and the only thing proceeding from us is Christ! 












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