"...proving that this is very Christ." _ Acts 9:22
"...proving that this is very Christ." _ Acts 9:22

APRIL 15th


Reading: Mark 5: 35-39

5:35 While he yet spake, there came from the ruler of the synagogue's [house certain] which said, Thy daughter is dead: why troublest thou the Master any further?
5:36 As soon as Jesus heard the word that was spoken, he saith unto the ruler of the synagogue, Be not afraid, only believe.
5:37 And he suffered no man to follow him, save Peter, and James, and John the brother of James.
5:38 And he cometh to the house of the ruler of the synagogue, and seeth the tumult, and them that wept and wailed greatly.
5:39 And when he was come in, he saith unto them, Why make ye this ado, and weep? the damsel is not dead, but sleepeth.


     The news of the death of Jairus’ daughter did not dissuade Jesus one iota.   In the fact and face of death, the Lord simply said, “Be not afraid, only believe.”   Such a statement is useless to an unbelieving heart but all-powerful to the believing heart.  After all, we are concentrating on the death-denying miracle that only the Power of an Endless Life can overcome.  This kind comes by prayer and fasting or stated spiritually, this kind comes by a pure, believing heart without any interference from the carnal mind!   Again, at this point we are only dealing with the conditions being met in order to receive this miracle. 


      Next, we observe that Jesus took only three of His disciples with Him to Jairus’ house.  Despite the huge crowd just “hyped” by the healing of the woman with the issue of blood, only three of His disciples were taken with Him.  Oh, the difference in witnessing His Power and partaking of It.  When Jesus arrived on the scene where death flaunted its temporary victory and mourners writhed under its devastating sting, He authoritatively questioned their behavior in the wake of what was simply sleep to Him.  In their desperation, doubt, and unbelief, death was reigning unhindered.  However, the Author of Life entered on business and pronounced to all that death is only a humbled state of sleep in His Presence. 








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